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BSO Travel & Tourism

We are a customer service oriented travel agency servicing corporate and non-corporate clients.

In an ever-evolving and intense industry, BSO has been providing outstanding service and excellent value to clients since 1988 while maintaining a consistently high sales volume.

We offer exceptional personalized attention with a broad scope of Executive Level Services arranging both Regional point-to-point and Global around the world international itineraries.

Our focus is to facilitate efficient, cost-saving and convenient travel itinerary options for your company travelers while establishing long-lasting client relations.

Travel & Tourism Services


As IATA accreditation member for over 30 years, BSO agents are well experienced to find you the routing you desire at most competitive fairs!

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We know and master competition – in return you will benefit from our competitive hotel deals when you choose to work with us!

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Travel Packages

BSO is one of the leading travel agencies in Lebanon. It gives us not only the privilege to plan your dream vacation, but also work closely with you to offer alternative destinations!

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Car Rental

We work with reputable car rental companies around the world to secure the car size you wish to rent at the best price possible.



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Lebanon Sightseeing

Whether you’re coming from abroad to visit or you are settled in Lebanon, we will arrange the tours that best suits your stay and budget. We want you to enjoy the stunning nature of Lebanon and taste the best of the Lebanese cuisine.

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Newlyweds?! Searching for the most romantic honeymoon? Think no more!
BSO will be glad to offer you a wide range of romantic top selling couple tour packages.

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Travel Insurance

We encourage you not to take the risk and travel without insurance. Your safety is our concern – Insure with BSO.

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Airport Services

When you travel through BSO we arrange all your travel needs including airport drop-off and pick-up through a shuttle or a taxi.

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Sail away with your loved ones through BSO. You pick your destination and we will offer you a variety of cruise deals.


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Visa Services

Our travel consultants offer to save you the hassle of getting your VISA. We will do it on your behalf.

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Civil Marriage Services

We can handle everything for you, wedding formalities, the ceremony, the reception providing you all the facilities needed to make your day unforgettable.

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